Friday, March 27, 2009

Dalikrab Day In 4 Days: Instructions

Dalikrab Day Begins: March 31st 2009

Participation Instructions:

Group A: Those who registered will recieve the email list of other registered participants. When a participant on this list creates or manipulates a piece of art, text or music etc. each participant then emails it back to the other participants. This patterned goes on and on until a day when no new pieces are sent which could be 1 DAY or 7 DAYS or 14 DAYS and so on. This marks the end of dalikrab day.

Group B: These are people who did not register but are aprticipating outside of Group A. Since the activity in Group A will be chaotic after march 30th no more emails can be added to the list because its to hectic. So Group B will have to use the dalikrab day blog to retreive pieces produced by Groups A and B. Group B will have post their original and manipulated pieces to the blog for others to retrieve.

Dalikrab Blog: [ ]

On the 31st I will reveal the dalikrab day blog remote posting email address - which means if you email anything to that email address it will be posted on the dalikrab day blog.

Note: I don't think attachments such as images, texts, MP3s will work so embed all your text pieces and mail all the images and MP3s and MPGs to the dalikrab email: dalikrabday [at] I will do my best to post them to the blog but I will be amidst the chaos too so if you have a storage space somewhere send the link to the blog.


Ok folks, a few things I need you to do is include in all the titles of your dalikrab day related pieces and post:

1st: DKD = dalikrab day

2nd: JT = Justynn Tyme - in your emails use your own name's initials.

3rd: ORG = Original content

3rd: ALT = Alterted content

3rd: ELS = Elsestuff - anything thats doesn't fall into the other catagories

It should look like this: DKD-NA-ORG: A Title Of The Piece


Sunday, February 08, 2009

All Pink Bitches Hear Me

The The New Absurdist is now open for business. Get ye there, if ye've a mind to. There be absurdism, and good times for all. Ray, Justynn, Albie, Jeff, Polycarp, and Craig are waiting for you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008 and my history with polycarp

how did i stumble upon absurdism? it goes back to that site is and has been (for a long time apparently, according to this exhaustive history) a site where you can post you or your bands music and have it rated by other users.

the cool thing about the site is you earn upload credits by reviewing (though now you can buy credits as well). so i got to listen to alot of good and bad bands. one was mongoloids in crayon suits. they are still up

i was so intregued by this 'band' and their, well, 'music'. that i started googling the names of the members hoping to find out more about them and find more 'music'. what i did find was i was pretty confused at first, i didnt understand what the hell the site was. but i figured it out. and you know the rest.

a couple years ago polycarp was working on obooks were a radical way to compile stories from around the net and have a PDF produce automatically. i helped him beta test the site before it came out.

at any rate, it got abondonded when TNA went down. but i still check TNA once in a while, and about a month ago i got bored and remembered and checked that. it will redirect you to check it out. apparently polycarp is not dead, and he is lurking somewhere.

glad to see people are still around like heads. i did talk to justynn a few months ago. hope all others are well also.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Inexpensive Promotion Opportunity from dada east

ok, this is a rare opportunity for self publishing / self promoting experimental artists. If you burn your own albums, print your owns books and zines (even through vanity press's like and print your own arts - please consider this opportunity to inexpensively promoting yourself.

experimental artists (of any kind), editors, website owners and makers.

for $1 - three lines of text
great for: website address and description
great for: book and zine description and address
great for: performance description and address etc etc

for $5 - 7m x 9m square
great for: album cover and website
great for: book zine cover and website
great for: your head and website etc etc

please ask questions
Don't worry about space I'll add another page if needed


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A New Absurdist Update

Hello again. Nothing to report on the The New Absurdist website at this point. It seems as though it will be back but I've had no communication from The Polycarp and no one knows anything.

You can of course use this site to post your Absurdist stories, but you have to become a member first. Send me an e-mail at headsfromspace @ yahoo dot com and I will get you on the memberlist.

Nobody (including me) has posted at the TNA board for a while so it seems everyone is in hiding for the present. Send me news if you have any, or post to this blog.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Web Death Anthology is Finished And Awesome

Yes, the anthology is finished and will be IS available at Bust Down The Door shortly NOW!

As I predicted, this anthology is A W E S O M E and extremely gnarly.

Also it appears that The New Absurdist will be back at some point, probably when we least expect it. Stay tuned for more rock n' roll.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Call For Web Death Anthology

This is the last call for submissions to the Web Death 2007 New Absurdist Anthology. What does this mean? It means that in another weeks time I will be sending it out to be formatted and e-booked, and then it will be too late for YOU to get into the anthology.

Assuming you want to get into the anthology.

We have 24 pieces in the anthology, and the anthology is becoming AWESOME! I predicted that the anthology would be awesome, and I was right.

Also, the TNA message board has migrated to Yuku. You need to bookmark the new address, though you will be redirected using the old one for a while.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Justynn Tyme Cover

Here is the proposed cover for the New Absurdist Web Death Anthology. It's beautiful and I love it. Justynn has done a great job:

Justynn Tyme Web Death Cover

Sunday, August 26, 2007



I am collecting dark, twisted, surreal, and/or bizarre flash fiction, poetry, humour and images. 365 pieces will be selected and placed in a daily “inspiration” style calendar. The submissions I’ve taken so far have been incredible. Some would make Wes Craven cry. They’re coming in from a broad range of sources including, of course, horror writers, experimentalists, absurdists, surrealists, and more.

I’ve moved the book up a few levels from my first vision and have refined the details.

This sucker seems to want to be a hot item. My goal is to see this for sale on big chain bookshelves. I want to bring a taste of some of the worlds most creative fringe writers and artists to the general public. The big stores don’t normally take collections of any kind but they love daybooks and calendars and other “novelty” type items. People eat that stuff up.

-Submissions must be in by late September but RSVP now to show interest.
-All contributors with seven pieces in the book will get 1% of royalties and a short bio at the back.
-All contributors with three pieces will get copy.
-All contributors with one piece get a smile, a handshake, and potential publicity.
-Copyrights remain in artists name and will be printed with each piece.
-Reprints are fine. We're aiming at unexplored audiences where evrything is new.
-When the book is complete I will hand it over to an agent in New York to make the sale.
I am meticulous so will not forward the book until it is perfect, but I do hope to have it together within two months.
-This is not aimed only at current fans and readers of dark fiction, it is to be marketed for everyone.
-This is not going to be an online daily email. This is not to be POD.
-This is not a project aimed at generating money for myself. It would be faster and easier to write 365 one liners myself.
-Consider that some person might read your strange and twisted prose and be so enthralled that they will look your name up and order a copy of your own novel(s)

E-mail submissoins to


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Web Death Anthology Status

I've received several more submissions for the Web Death anthology as well as an essay by AD MacDonald. I hope to get more essays. I am waiting for more Absurdists to check in and send their stories. I really have no idea how many I might receive.

At some point I will probably try to hunt down more e-mail addresses and do another mailing. I've also posted about the anthology at the Bizarro Central Forum. Several Absurdists hang out there. I had no idea.

I've done a redesign of this site. Still quirky in Internet Explorer. Not too bad though. Less absurd, more understated.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Justynn Tyme Weighs In

Justynn Tyme has posted some thoughts about the upcoming Web Death 2007 New Absurdist Anthology at his weblog He is a nice person. I recommended him for membership in The Legion of Death. Membership is pending.

We have three submissions for the Anthology so far. I hope to get at least thirty. I want this thing to be MASSIVE. I want it to be so mindblowingly huge that Donald Trump will look at it and say

"this is huge!"

That's how huge I want it to be.

Ray Fracolossy was caught lurking at the TNA Message Board yesterday. He failed to reply to my post. This is less than optimum. Et tu, Ray?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Web Death 2007 New Absurdist Anthology

Hello Everyone ::

To celebrate the death of TNA, I'm planning an e-book anthology featuring one story from everyone who's a member of The New Absurdist.

Rules for submission to the anthology:

1) Everyone gets in. That is, everyone who has posted at least one story on
The New Absurdist website.

2) Do not send a story that has been published in ANOTHER TNA anthology. That would not make sense.

3) No story will be rejected. Some minimal editing for punctuation and clarity may be needed, but that's it. But please, please send your BEST!

4) Don't send something really long. Try to keep it to a few hundred words.


I have a few e-mails for people, but since TNA is down as of this writing (aug 9) and few people are visiting the forum, I need people like Ray and Justynn to contact absurdists and tell them about the anthology.



This anthology will be HUGE!

Monday, August 06, 2007

TNA @ Archive.Org


You can access some older content on TNA by going to this page.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yes, We Have No Absurdism Today

The New Absurdist is down for the second day. Ray managed to find his way to the message board and post, so at least some people are aware.

I did a post there letting people know that TTA is active again. Perhaps some people will find their way here. The purpose of this site is to provide temporary shelter to Absurdists who want to post and comment on stories. Everyone is welcome. You will need to have a Blogger ID to become a member.

To become a member, e-mail me at headsfromspace at yahoo dot com and I will add you to the list of members, and you will be a member, and you will be happy.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TNA Is Freaking Gone

TNA Offline on July 31 2007.

I just checked in at The New Absurdist and it is gone. You may access the message board here.

Don't know if this means Polycarp has pulled the plug, or not.